Associating ISO19115-1 items with a provenance query service


Organisations wishing to associate items in an ISO19115-1-conformant catalogue with graph-based provenance delivered by a provenance query service (likely a SPARQL service) may wish to make the link to that service as visible as possible to people used to the ISO19115-1 norms. Since ISO19115-1 typically uses the Lineage field for structured or un-structured lineage information (provenance), this pattern suggests making that link to the provenance query service in that field.

A basic data processing model


Many organisations want a template for how to describe, in PROV-O terms, data processing event. They understand the benefits of using a graph-based modelling system like PROV-O but need something simpler than the open-world assumption of OWL to implement, perhaps on top of legacy metadata systems such as catalogues.


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