Provenance and storage systems - INCOMPLETE


Data storage is relevant to provenance as provenance is used to establish trust and without good knowledge of the storage systems used to house data, good trust may not be able to be assured. In addition, instances of data storage systems may be able to be described in provenance modelling terms.

Generating citations from provenance - INCOMPLETE


Citing documents, datasets or other things is an inherently provenance-related task given that information in a reference, such as an item's creator or date of publication, are often provenance facts about it. Additionally, provenance graphs may contain information valuable for citation that are not associated directly with the object cited but with objects related to it or perhaps its use.

This pattern relates a methodology for determining how to cite objects and then a methodology for generating reference text from provenance information.

Describing activities' actions


Often it is important to describe what happened within an activity, such as a processing event.

Pattern 13.1: Use of specialised Activity

We can make a special kind of PROV-O's Activity class and publish information about it.

Associating metadata in documents with graph provenance


Many organisations already contains systems that deliver metadata about objects for which they now want to deliver standardised, graph-based provenance information, perhaps using PROV. These metadata systems, such as catalogues, sometimes have legacy methods for delivering provenance or lineage, such as free text fields perhaps linked to the items as a dc:source property. Sometimes, as per ISO19115-2 documents, structured machine-readable provenance is given but it is not able to be directly mapped to PROV.

Creation of metadata after the fact and repairing metadata


To continue to improve the metadata of an object (physical or digital) after the initial collecting event or digitization event. The person who improved the metadata and how and when the improvement was made should be recorded. Any user should be able to find this information and use it to assess the actor.


Find all data associated with a person's work

I'd like to find all of the datasets made by a person and further datasets descending from those

Provenance enable a data model

I have a data model for some domain. I'd like to add support for recording provenance for items stored in the data model. I'd like to store provenance that can be interpreted as PROV.

View the usage of a dataset

When I view the metadata of a dataset, I want to be able to view the usage of that dataset in terms of descendant datasets, actors that have reported using it an any process known to have used it

View the lineage of a dataset

When I view the metadata of a dataset, I want to also be able to view the lineage of that dataset, including its links to other objects and their links to their ancestors


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