This Provenance Patterns Database is built to store a few different items related to the establishment of provenance patterns - best practice documents - by the Research Data Alliance (RDA)'s Provenance Patterns Working Group .

Currently this system stores:

This system has the ability to add links between related items such as broader and narrower (specialised) Use Cases and broader and narrower Patterns and also between Use Cases and Patterns that address them. As the database grows, we may add more relationship types.

To Use

You will need an account on this system in order to contribute Use Cases or Patterns. Please contact Nicholas Car, the maintainer (see the Contact Page to have an account set up.

We would prefer all contributors to be members of the RDA but this is not strictly necessary since the Provenance Patterns WG is interested in learning from non-RDA groups too.

Instructions for actually completing Use Case or Pattern records are documented within the system once someone is logged in.

Future of the information

Other than just providing a place better than a document folder to store Use Cases and Patterns, this system established persistent URIs for each, for example the Pattern "Associating metadata in documents with graph provenance" is at the URI http://patterns.promsns.org/pattern/12 and will remain available there, even if/when this system chagnes. This allows us to refer to this Pattern with certainty that the references will always 'work' (i.e. you can click on the link and get some useful information). This allows us to create provenance graphs for the use of these items!