Associating ISO19115-1 items with a provenance query service #2

Nicholas Car


This pattern is a sibling of Pattern 25 and is another way to link datasets described with ISO19115-1 records to provenance query services.

Unlike Pattern 25 in which a provenance query service is described, this pattern requires that a catalogue record for the provenance query service is created and then the record for the dataset is associated with that. This allows for very detailed service information to be related in the record for the service, rather than endpoints and examples needing to be given in the dataset's record, as per Pattern 25.

This pattern is similar to the regular method used by publishers of datasets and web services via ISO19115-1 catalogues where the Service is indicated as operatesOn one or more Dataset records.


image of the pattern

In PROV terms

What we are doing is treating the metadata record of the Dataset as a PROV-O object (an Entity if a dataset but could be another class of object, depending on the object's type and role) and the metadata record for the Service as an Entity record as it describes the Service as a thing.

Service record

Whatever form of provenance query service is implemented, it should be listed in the ISO19115-1 catalogue by having a metadata record created for it. This record should indicate that it is for a (web) service with its ScopeCode set to Service.

Datasets/Service linking

The Dataset which the provenance query service is for should then have the following linkage made to indicate the provenance query service:

      <mri:MD_AssociatedResource xlink:title="Provenance Query Service" uuidref="{SERVICE_RECORD_UUID}">
          <mri:DS_AssociationTypeCode codeList="" codeListValue="provenanceQueryService">

The logic here is that the Associated Resource is indicated by an Xlink reference to its UUID only, with a title "Provenance Query Service" just for readability and that the semantic association of the Dataset to the service is indicated via the AssociationTypeCode which uses the code list value of provenanceQueryService. This term is an extension to the ISO19115-1's DS_AssociationTypeCode codelist published by Geoscience Australia at

SVG Image: