British Museum Collection

The British Museum has published the contents of its collection database as linked data, complementing their Collection Online search facility. Physical objects, their properties, and provenance events are described using the CIDOC-CRM vocabulary. Examples include transfer of title and surrender of custody.

Australian Federal Govt Organisation Register

The Australian Government's Linked Data Register of government organisations is a Linked Data expression of a centrally-managed database that has, until recently, only been exposed as human-readable web pages. In late 2017, the Register was exposed as a machine-readable XML data feed but without any Semantic Web attributes or Linked Data functionality. In early 2018, a Linked Data expression of the Register was developed reading data from the XML data feed.

Geoscience Australia's metadata catalogue

Geoscience Australia (GA) is a government organisation in charge of geophysical and spatial data. It maintains a large catalogue of public, scientific, datasets online at []( The catalogue is implemented using the [GeoNetwork]( tool which is an online, document database system.

NSW Land & Water

NSW Land & Water is a part of an Australian state government agency responsible for the management of water, among other things, in New South Wales. The organisation is interested in implementing high-level provenance to improve data and decision making transparency.