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Usage notes

The phrasing of this Req from the W3C is for a DCATv2 Dataset to have usage notes (data properties or object properties linking to docs, unspecified). Here it is interpreted as a Use Case for a metadata contributor with the precondition that usage notes are a template for provenance with use, according to those notes being able to be recorded as forwards provenance. Also, another for of use notes could be matching a pattern of use demonstrated through existing forward provenance.

Version release date

Consider PAV patterning: https://practicalprovenance.wordpress.com/2016/05/07/tracking-versions-with-pav/

Link dataset to provenance information

dct:creator, dct:publisher etc are special cases, which require guidance, further roles may be defined in provenance or other richer models. The requirement is to establish an extensible mechanism, and for profiles to specify canonical equivalents for the special case properties of dcat:Dataset

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