Checking that data's storage system matches provenance requirements

Data item is identified in provenance accoring to best practice
Storage system choice is available to the data contributor
Storage system definitions can be retrieved by the data contributor
A Storage System has been chosen for the data item that accords with the requirements placed on it by provenance use
Data is contributed to a repository that has requirements around data identification and access to facilitate provenance use
Paul Millar
To check (perhaps automatically) that the storage system used to house data is appropriate for the provenance requirement of that data.
If a data item is represented in provenance, for that representation to be maximally useful, it must be de-referencable to the item's content. One part of this involves data identification, another de-referencing systems and another data storage systems. This Use Case focuses on the last.
RDA Group: 
Storage Service Definitions WG
Data contributor submits data item to a catalogue
Data contributor receives requirements for provenance data item storage from catalogue
Data contributor receives storage definitions for available storage systems
Data contributor auto-generates assessment of appropriate storage systems, based on the reqs & defs
Data contributor selects storage system for data item and generates dereferencable identifier for it
Data contributor communicates that identifier to catalogue