Manage secondary object provenance for total object provenance

Secondary objects are stored, with identify, in systems able to record provenance
Nicholas Car
To delegate the management of provenance of secondary (associated) objects to a primary object of interest, for example, managing the provenance of Agents related to Datasets.
An Agent management system that can manage the provenance of Agents (i.e. changes of Entity ownership, changes in Agent attributes etc.) will allow the total provenance management of provenance for objects of primary concern, perhaps Datasets in a catalogue, to delegate to them. Agents need not be the only secondary objects for which provenance is managed: related entities (licenses, software); classification (changing vocabulary terms); and perhaps even actions (lists of Activities undertaken against/with the primary object) may also be managed in this way. In a total system, multiple objects of interest may have provenance managed for them and act as secondary objects in relation to all other objects, for example, a project with a Person, Software, Dataset and Methods register.
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Provenance Patterns WG
Model provenace of secondary objects
Expose that provenance for use with other systems
Demo integration of provenance from secondary sytems to the primary system